2017 United States Centurion Qualifier (June)

If you want to try and become a United States Centurion this is the first Centurion Qualifier in 2017.  The FANS 24 hour in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.  June 3rd and 4th.



Registration opened October 1st.


*****Register with FANS  in the 24 hour WALKING division. Then send an e-mail to info@walkonmn.org indicating that you will be attempting to achieve U.S. Centurion status and providing your ordinary mailing address.*****


This will insure that Judges will be present for your Centurion attempt.


Six walkers have become United States Centurion’s at FANS since the race was moved to Lake Snelling. I am one of those six. Only a few miles from the international airport in Minneapolis. Several nice hotels a couple of miles away.  I enjoyed the course. A little over two miles around the lake. About half in the shade. The back side is packed dirt and gravel. I wish I had worn gaiters. There are some very small rocks. Mostly flat with a gentle rise and a sharp short drop down. You will need a light for the overnight part of the race. FANS is a very well supported race. Two drink tables. A large food table. You will share the course with runners. The two mile loop is far from crowded. When I raced there in 2015 there was a Changing tent for out of town racers. Also a place to store racing bags. Portable restrooms right beside the course. Just off the course is a restroom building with a few open air showers. There is a mandatory weigh-in every four hours. This did not impact my race. You will need to eat and drink during the race. Weigh-in only took seconds each time. A large breakfast is served post race before the awards. While not the easiest Centurion course I have raced. FANS is very doable as a United States Centurion Qualifier.