Centurion Qualification Rules

United States Centurion Rules

Sanctioned Race.
The Centurion Qualifying race must be sanctioned by the United
States Centurion Walkers. The race must be held on United States
Soil on a Pre Certified Course.

“B” Rule Racewalking
The Contact Rule: Each walker must have at least one foot in contact
with the ground at all times.

In races of 100 miles or 24 hours, the rules differ slightly in that these races are “B” races meaning that no walker will get disqualified for bent knees. Your front leg can be slightly bent with the restriction that you gain no advantage from a springing action. However some judges find that bent knees plus a high turn-over rate makes continuous contact difficult to judge. Unlike formal race walking, it will be up to the walker to demonstrate continuous contact! The judging criteria is simple. We expect each walker to walk honestly in such a way that he/she is not gaining an unfair advantage over other competitors through his/her mode of walking. Walkers will be notified of any style infringements and we will attempt to work with that walker to help him/her modify the walking action to an acceptable mode. This is not a racewalk. Each year we see styles ranging from proper racewalking to brisk street walking. All are acceptable.

To Qualify as a United State Centurion Walker you must reach or
pass 100 Miles.

Each racer will be given 24 hours from the time of the start to
The finish. You may stop, rest, get a massage etc… at your own
discretion. The clock however will not stop. It is possible
during a 24 hour race that the weather might cause a delay
mid race. However once again the clock will not stop.

The race will be judged the full 24 hours by a Race Walk Judge(s)
and/or United States Centurion(s).

Shorts above the knee are preferred so judges can see your knees.
Long shorts, leggings, long tights, etc are allowed especially
during the night and during the winter and in times of inclement
weather. We just ask that the clothing be tight to your knee and
Lower leg.

No pacers are allowed during the race. Nothing shall prevent
Two or more walkers entered in the race from walking together.
Any support person, friends or family NOT entered in the race
Found walking with Racers will be considered as pacing. One
warning will be given.

Exception: Having family, friends or supporters finish the last
lap or partial last lap will be allowed. It must be a
Celebration lap and no hands on assistance given.

Hands on Assistance
No racer will be allowed hands on assistance during the race. You will not
Be allowed to lean on anyone or help hold another racer up while walking.

No Poles, Canes or Walking sticks.
No trek poles, canes or walking sticks will be allowed
during a Centurion attempt.

Cut Course
To be caught cutting the course hence making the route shorter will
result in an immediate disqualification. If you leave the course
for any reason you must return to the course at the same point.

Race Director Rules
Most Centurion Qualifiers are operated along side a separate 24 hour
race event. Each walker will be subject to the rules set forth by
the race director in charge. Rules pertaining to wearing listening
devices, race weigh-in, reflective vest etc.. Will be at the
discretion of the race director.

Fun Event
A Centurion Event is meant to be a fun event. Our goal is not to get
you to the race and disqualify you. Centurion members all over the
World are very proud of the fact they walked 100 miles within 24
hours. The United States Centurion Walkers want you to be proud also.
These rules conform to the high standard followed around the World.